Tecogis a one stop shop solution provider company based in Mumbai, India. Tecogis is a group of experienced team with passion for delivering superior solutions, products and customer services. Our Motto is to provide high quality service which results in soaring productivity. This service is spread across the globe.

Team of experts:

Tecogis is driven by a competent management and IT professionals. This amalgamation of unique and complementary strengths gives the company the essential edge to race ahead of its competition. The company has a sizeable area dedicated to its development activities and has the required team size to tackle all kinds of technology and business applications with complete ease.

Key Offerings:

Tecogis provides several high end solutions in the field of ERP, Internet, Website, 2D&3D animation, print graphic, mobile apps and Digital marketing .Tecogis features an integrated team of Creative designers, Programmers, Business Analyst and Marketing professionals.

If you are looking for an effective software development company, your search ends here with us!

Tecogis provides quality and affordable Software Development services of Web development, Content Management System, E-Commerce Solutions, Enterprise Portal solutions and all type of Custom Web services to various clients across the globe with latest and emerging Web Technologies.

Tecogis specialize in software security too. Team takes complete care that your software proves itself to be the most resistant to security threats.

Software developed by us:

• Highly responsive.

• They are developed by skilled, trained, experienced and organized engineers.

• Have solid experience gained from diverse software development projects of various degrees of complexities and scopes.

• Our software development methodology is a complete mature step.

• On time delivery and affordable software application development.

Any online business has to have a goal. For some it’s about increasing traffic and for others it’s about increasing sales .Tecogis analyzes the status quo & then weaves its expertise with your goals to produce positive results within the best possible timeframe.

Digital marketing services are a mix of Social media and Campaign. Each client is strategically positioned to convert visitors to leads, leads to sales and ultimately derive a high return on their investment.


Next matured market is smart phone. A customized mobile App will always keep you connected with your client.

Apps that are vibrant, powerful, reliable and secured are the things to look out for. Customized Apps for various industries and specially event based Mobile applications have proved to be boon for the event industry.

With increasing number of clients preferring for mobile apps, Tecogis is slowly but steadily becoming one of the most preferred providers in this field.

Highly qualified team which provides custom solution befitting clientele needs. Team analyzes, designs the framework, develops, provide support and maintenance services and deploys the solution.

Platform that Tecogis work on:

• Android Mobile Apps
• Blackberry Mobile Apps
• Iphone Mobile Apps
• Windows Phone Apps

• Benefits:
• Cost Advantage:   : We offer our services at industry competitive prices
• Resources:  Experienced and well trained professionals handle the project
• Quality:  It is our motto to offer the best quality products
• Technology:   We update ourselves continuously with the latest technology and framework to give     our customers the cutting edge in business.

Tecogis is a 360 degree solution provider company based at Mumbai, financial hub of India. More than a decade of experience, Tecogis is a power house of innovation with a pinch of creativity .Our clientele ranges from Government organization, SME to large enterprises that span across the globe. Our solutions have always outgrown our client’s expectations. This result is primarily because of our innovative approach and out of the box thinking.

Design House:

Design should never say look at me, it should always say look at this.

Digital Marketing:

Your ROI begins with two simple words: Social media and Campaign

Mobile app:

Small is the next big thing. Customized mobile is your way forward to get your business to the next level. Our event based mobile application is the things to watch out for.

Software Development:

We specialize in providing solutions and services to some of the world’s largest diamond and jewellery companies both in India and overseas. Our customized software called “Burning Bright” has proved to be a boon to the Gem and jewellery industry. Burning Bright software provides solutions for Import & export, Inventory management, accounts, manufacturing etc

Event Service:

MyTicketMyShow (MTMS) helps to automate all of pre- event, onsite and post- event task easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

Burning Bright is a powerful software solution for jewelry & diamond wholesalers and retailers. It seamlessly manages the key areas of business, namely, Clients and Vendors, Inventory, Costing and Pricing, Sales and Distribution and Accounts—no matter what the complexity or volume of your business.

Although it is specifically designed to manage the standard aspects of any jewelry & Diamond wholesaler and retailer, it can be customized to the individual demands of your business. Burning Bright simulates the actual workflow of your business by using technology to simplify and streamline everyday tasks so that you can focus better on decision-making. A simple user interface, key reports and MIS statistics and innovative tools make burning bright the most reliable virtual manager of your business.


• System administration.

• Inventory.

• Sales.

• Purchase.

• Contract Manufacturing (Job-working).

• Accounts.

• Utilities.

• Reports.

Social Media is the most effective way to drag more and more visitors on to the website which later may get converted into potential clients. Social Media Marketing is not just about running ads on Facebook and spamming using the company Twitter handle. To us, Social Media Marketing is the extension of being open and interacting with existing and potential customers.

It is this skill/art/strategy of connecting individual with the target audience, talking to them, and influencing them, that we call Social Media Marketing. Established Brands or SME all feel the need to communicate with their customers. Social Media Marketing proves to be an ace tool with a marketer to accomplish this.

Tecogis is a company which believes employees are its most valuable assets and hence strives in providing condusive work environment which is flexible, professional and prospering in scope. Training and development program, R&D session and CSR activity are the few things that are being conducted at Tecogis.

        “We believe in being ONE, being together “

Tecogis appreciate that each business has its own unique requirements thus need unique solutions too. Tecogis provides custom application development solutions to large established enterprise companies to small startup organization for their custom business need.

As, every business has their own custom requirement which is not fulfilled by readymade solutions like custom business flow, special management reports, special hardware and firmware integration etc. We also help our client to migrate existing application to new technologies and platforms.

The strong capabilities of our customized solutions and applications will help,

• Deal with aspects of business processes detailed to your business and IT needs.

• Give you consistent border over competition with innovative and high quality solutions.

• Offer custom solutions to the business areas and functionality gaps that are not addressed by selected packages.

• Give you consistent edge over competition with innovative and high quality solutions.

Email campaign:

Reaching inbox is reaching client. Email marketing campaign ensures that your product and services reaches millions of potential client

Promotions being a major part of marketing strategies these days, mailer lets the world know what you have been up to lately with just a single click

Send emails to targeted prospects & never be accused of spamming! Following are the few things you can do:

• Post Newsletters

• Send Invitations

• Announce a product launch

• Organize events

• Build online communities

• Send brand building promotional mails to your prospective customers/Clients.

This gives you a complete freedom to build and run your own promotional campaign through a single web medium.

SMS Campaign

SMS Campaign Service enables an SMS (text) message to be sent virtually to any mobile phones instantly. In addition, the success of message delivery is tracked and reported using the service.

Bulk SMS service is ideal for marketing campaigns and for any information needed to be sent to a group of mobile devices in mere seconds.